Brandon Cusma-Creator of YourRentalMarket.com Licensed New York Sales Agent and “Rental Specialist”  for over 15 years!

*Brandon Cusma is a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of New York. Currently his License is held with 




Welcome to “YourRentalMarket.com”.I’m sure you may be asking yourself “what is this website all about”? Well please allow me to take the opportunity to answer this question and at the same time tell you a little about myself and how“YourRentalMarket.com”came to be!

My name is Brandon Cusma. In essence I am a Licensed Real Estate Sales agent but in actuality I’m a Real Estate Rental Specialist. “YourRentalMarket.com” is to be used as a tool, a resource for Renters/Tenants, Owners/Landlords, Investors. Anyone and everyone can have full access to all products services and information that pertains to the “Rental Market”. Essentially it’s a one stop shopping market that focuses on the entire Rental process.

From the first initial thought of moving information can be found and gathered by a tenant. The same could be stated for an Owner thinking about Renting or purchasing an investment property. During these times both parties have many questions and concerns about “The Rental Market” and they both have many needs as well.

A tenant can find an apartment in Long Island, get renters insurance, find furniture, choose a cable and internet provider, find local restaurant deals in his/her new neighborhood-Heck even hang their new flat screen TV .It can all be accomplished at“YourRentalMarket.com”

A Landlord/Owner may want information on how much Rent is to be expected from a particular rental property. Or perhaps an owner needs a Long Island rental property to be serviced, landscaped, updated , tenant screening, Landlord Insurance, lease forms, or carpets cleaned before their new tenant takes occupancy .You name it we’ve got it! The goal of “YourRentalMarket.com” is to provide essential needs in a virtual internet market place. Its “Your Rental Market” Use it-Do you see the pun here folks?

I’ve been a Licensed Sales Agent for over fifteen years in the state of New York. Over the course of fifteen years I have rented apartments in many various Rental Markets in the state of New York. Weather it was the fast paced high rises of Mid Town Manhattan or the laid back life style of the Lower West Village, but there was always a voice in my head calling me back to my home town of Wantagh.

Wantagh is where I originally started renting apartments and building relationships at the age of nineteen. I’ll never forget my first Rental. I closed two apartments on the same day April 5, 1996. (Don’t ask me why I remember the date –I just have a weird ability to recall dates).I was so amazed that I was able to make money and potentially sustainable income because of the ability to communicate effectively and address peoples individual wants needs and concerns(That’s the secret) . As mentioned above I rented apartments in New York City for years but inevitable it was a completely different game. Different property, different people, different needs, and different attitude, we all know in the city there is never a shortage of attitude!

I soon realized that the voice calling me back to Wantagh Long Island was actually referral Rental business from my home town Landlords that I have completed business with in the past as well as tenant referrals. I repeatedly was asked by local residents (Landlords) to handle listing after listing and tenant after tenant because of the fact that I had the ability to communicate effectively and address peoples individual wants needs and concerns (That’s the secret).As time passed local business owners with multiple properties, families and “friends of friends” became familiar with my work ethic and I began to work on referrals alone!

Eventually (Owners/Landlords/Prospective Tenants/Investors) considered me to be an Authority on the topic of “Rentals” and or Rental property. They soon began to call and ask me questions…Such as “Hey Brandon should I the Owner pay for the landscaping or should the tenant, and if I should pay for it, do you know a guy for that”?-“Brandon I’m thinking about buying this house as an investment property, based on your knowledge what can I expect to receive as monthly rent in this market”?
I soon began referring service based business after business to landlords. From Landscapers, Carpet guys, Kitchen & Bathroom contractors, Cleaning services, a guy to paint the apartment- so on and so forth. If you needed it, I knew a guy for it.

One of the unique things I noticed was that it wasn’t only the owner who needed services it was the tenant as well. A tenant may ask “Hey Brandon do you know a guy that can hang my flat screen TV”? -“Brandon, how much should I pay for a good one bedroom”? Where can I score some renters insurance? Do you know a cleaning service? Are there good restaurants in the area?


There is a niche; a need for “services and information” pertaining to the rental market in his or her geographic area. The purpose of “YourRentalMarket.com” is to provide owners and renters with services and information surrounding the increasingly growing rental market. Information for the Owner, Landlord, Tenant, Potential Investor. Potential Mover, People Moving. Owners and Tenants in need of services and Information. A one stop shop for the Renter or the Owner, anything and everything you may need pertaining to and surrounding the rental market. This is how I became a trusted licensed New York State Real Estate sales agent and RENTAL EXPERT with over fifteen years experience. This is also why for all your needs, from information to services.-“You can get it all at YourRentalMarket.com”