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Brandon Cusma is a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of New York. Currently his License is held with  Real Living/Innovations Realty Group 3366 Park Avenue Wantagh NY 11793

Investing in Real Estate with Rental income in mind is a pursuit among many entrepreneurs at this present point in history..My point can be proven by the very fact that you are on this page and reading these words! With the current interest rates  the ability to cover your mortgage with your current tenants rent should be possible With the right property!!!-Its all about Positive cash flow (Math Doesn’t lie).

The best and most common economical trend I have noticed going on out there in regards to Rentals on Long Island is the purchasing of Cottages or smaller two bedroom or perhaps three bedroom units..These properties tend to be lower in over all purchase price,lower taxes(Due to smaller property size),lower in maintenance and the best part of all is the fact that Cottages or smaller houses are always desirable.

Below I will place some information from the Landlord FAQ Section of The Website in regards to cottages!

A-ONE BEDROOM COTTAGE: Cottages in my personal opinion are one of the best investment properties and opportunities around due to the decreased taxes(Usually located on smaller parcel of land) and inexpensiveness to maintain. Cottages are always in demand the first Cottage we are going to talk about is a one bedroom cottage a true one-bedroom cottage is certainly always desired in this rental market the price of a one bedroom cottage “excluding all utilities”(FREE STANDING UNITS SUCH AS COTTAGES AND FULL HOUSE RENTALS ARE 99.9% ALWAYS PRICED WITHOUT UTILITIES INCLUDED) is approximately $1,200.00-$1400.00-Depending on location!

A-TWO BEDROOM COTTAGE: Even more desirable is a two bedroom cottage .A true two bedroom cottage is a four room apartment, separate living room separate kitchen and two separate bedrooms. A washer and dryer are should almost always be available in a two bedroom cottage and can bring the price up significantly because basically it’s a small house let’s face it! Sometimes you’ll find the bedrooms are smaller in cottages and that can be a deal breaker, but nun the less it will defiantly rent! The current expected rent from a two bedroom cottage is from $1,800.00-$2,000.00

Below is an example of some video of what it is that I do for a Landlord ! These times call for a Realtor to be innovative and that’s exactly what I am .Upon purchase of the Rental property renovations begin and I start Marketing that sucker right away …no holds barred,right out of the gate so by the time the rental property is finished your property has been rented weeks before!! I’ve done this time and time again..and I will continue to do so!-Want to join the team?If you have an interest in purchasing property with regards to making it and income baring investment property you are in the right place -From the initial purchase to renovating to Renting! It can all be accomplished through my efforts.So take a look at this before and after video and please keep in mind this was filmed with an Iphone and I have since stepped up my game and have a small film crew at my disposal as you can see by my other videos posted on this site!

Before and After Video “The Packaging of the Rental Property”From Start to Finish


Take the time to answer a few quick questions and we will contact you in regards to your interest in purchasing Rental Property!

Brandon Cusma is a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of New York. Currently his License is held with