Landlord Rental Insurance

If your reading this then I’m sure you know about the growing demand for Rental properties due to the fact that banks are not lending *jack!!-The unemployment rate, instability in the market (Stock Market) and lets not for get the divorce rate of over 50%-(To most people the answer to all of these problems is RENTING)

In addition, in this Real Estate market people are hesitant to actually put there foot in the water (buy) fearing the potential decline again.

MAINTENANCE: It’s a simple fact that over time appliances break down and need to be replaced or repair. Doors and moldings get abused through out the moving process. At the end of the day all of this could potentially lead to more money out of your pocket!! A well thought out comprehensive Landlord Insurance policy will cover most appliances .Such as a stove or a washing machine. For items such as your boiler or hot water heater I highly recommend a boiler or hot water heater service contract.

In most cases the people mentioned above in the first paragraph are not the seasoned investors nor are the majority of them contractors. My personal daily experience in conjunction with the past fifteen years of experience has introduced me to people such as “contractors, seasoned investors and opportunists” -they see one thing and one thing only in this Market and that’s..


Why You Need Landlord Rental Insurance

RENT: As a landlord there is always going to be risk of your tenant not paying the rent and essentially affecting your bottom line “Making Money” -Remember there are preventative measures that can be taken such as tenant screening. Landlord insurance is the best way to cover you against a non-paying tenant!

This time in history is amazing with Mortgage interest rates so low!-As a landlord especially now you can see a very nice return on your Rental Investment but I’m sure your aware you must always protect yourself from the element of risk. Damage, default in rent, maintenance, these are some reasons why Landlord Insurance is essential!

DAMAGE: Receiving a security deposit is always a necessity when renting to any tenant (even family)! Inevitably no matter how much tenant screening is performed prior to accepting a tenant the possibility for damage is still present. There is always the potential for abuse to your rental property. In the event that your security deposit does not cover the extent of damage or abuse landlords insurance can provide you with an extra cushion of protection has made it easy for you to find multiple quotes and  protect yourself .Here are links to multiple companies that offer the very best in landlord insurance and most importantly they offer peace of mind!

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