The exterior of your Rental property is the very first thing your prospective tenant sees and is ultimately responsible for the over all first impression I have been successful licensed New York State Real Estate Sales Agent and Rental Specialist for over 15 years over this period of time I have literally taken thousands of prospective tenants to view rental properties .I consider myself very in tune with what is important to a tenant when looking for an apartment or full house rental.

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My experience  has also given me the ability to cultivate relationships with many Owner/Contractors these are the same individuals that know effective ways of improving a rental property on a conservative budget. Time and time again, when this question is asked the answer is YES and here is why…
1-The higher quality the apartment the higher quality the tenant! You are taking your money from one pocket and putting it in the other. You will inevitably attract working professionals who have the means to afford such a quality apartment.(Proper Screening of employment, references and credit History is mandatory!!!!!!)
2-If you make the proper improvements you will 10 times out of 10 receive more for rent! A  $1000.00 Apartment can easily become a  $1200.00. You will get your investment back month after month, year after year.
3-It’s your property. You are improving it!! Bottom line, when you sell your property. You will have a more appealing listing!-The state of the market will obviously play a factor here. Sellers market or a buyers market, Improvements equal MORE MONEY FOR THE PROPERTY!!-(DON’T OVER IMPROVE)
4-THIS IS A BIGGIE!!!-The better the apartment, the less time the apartment is vacant. GREAT PLACES (priced accordingly) RENT IN ONE SHOWING!…..YES ONE!!!-This equals more money. When a GREAT TENANT walks into a GREAT APARTMENT-IT’S DONE!-With proper due diligence by both parties – The deal is closed .Faster occupant equals more money!!!-ARE YOU FEELIN ME HERE??

I hope this information was helpful to all the Landlords out there don’t forget to call me to list your Rental Property. If you are interested in getting an estimate on a total overhaul for an antiquated apartment from one of my affiliated professional/Landlord contractors that could not only improve your investment but your bottom line then fill out the form below. Take advantage of my contacts with the industries best and get a free estimate. Fill out the estimate request form. –And yes “I also do sales”

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These specific contractors and affiliates that has are 100% comprised of my greatest Landlord/Contractors.They know how to whip a rental into shape and assure a project is completed with accuracy,speed,on time and on budget as to attract the best tenant possible and command the absolute highest rent!-They should know,they are landlords themselves!
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Brandon Cusma is a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of New York. Currently his License is held with