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If there is one improvement that makes the absolute most difference in an apartment or whole house rental is by far the PAINT!!-A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on an apartment rental. There have been many instances during my career where the Landlord and Tenant negotiate the security deposit “for less”-In return the Tenant takes the Apartment Rental absolutely “as is”. The tenant now pays for the cleaning and/or paint. The pro’s for having the tenant paying and expediting the cleaning/painting (Cut & a Shave) of the rental are as follows. Once this agreement is reached the Landlord really doesn’t have to do *Jack from that point on!-After the Landlord completes proper tenant screening. The tenant takes the Apartment Rental “as is”. Tenant and Landlord sign leases. Landlord accepts agreed upon Security Deposit amount and the occupancy starts on agreed date “Done”.*First months rent is usually due upon occupancy, not at lease signing! The Potential Con is-Well, what if the tenant doesn’t do the work? Or what if the work is complete and you are not satisfied at the standard it has been completed at?

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In my opinion 9 times out of 10 a Rental property has to be painted between occupancy’s it just part of the game! -I always suggest that the owner takes care of it if at all possible and before the Rental Apartment actually goes on the market. I hope this information was helpful to all the Landlords out there don’t forget to call me to list your Rental Property. Take advantage of my contacts within the New York painting industry and get a free estimate on all the paint services you may in fact need. Fill out the estimate request form below. And yes “I also do sales”

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