Pets and Rentals -Where to get the best deal on pet supplies

Save Up to 50% on Flea and Tick Medications has taken the opportunity to create a one stop shop for the renter not only providing services such as the ability to get discounted pet products,medications and supplies but also information about “Your Rental Market” in an effort to assist you on your new journey to find a place to call home!

To get great discounts on pet products,medications and supplies click on links that say PetCareRx. or the link below!
Over the past 15 years as an agent I have come across many people with extremely tight bonds with their pets and lets face it,if you have been searching for an apartment or house rental in the Long Island area then you know how hard it is to get a place with a pet!Most of the time pets are a potential tenants primary concern.That being said I have had to go to bat many times with Landlords in order to get the deal to go through for the tenant when a pet is concerned! -and at times it was “Ruff” ..Time and time again while discussing the regiment of the furry loved one a certain company kept coming up in the conversation and the name of the company was PetCareRx. it seems as if PetCareRx. offers a deep discount on a seemingly endless variety of Pet Supplies as well as Pet products!!So when my family members finally got pooches “Logan, Rocky & Homer”-There was only one place I could tell them to go for all their pet products and needs…and that was PetCareRx. and now I’m suggesting you do the same-Check it out!

Save Up To 50% At PetCareRx

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