What a good one bedroom Apartment should be…and cost you in Rent!

One Bedroom Apartments: The way it breaks down is like this…There are actually a few kinds of one bedroom apartments that we see in this market. The First kind of one bedroom apartment is the very basic two room apartment also known as the “living room kitchen combination” Now on the low end you would have a non dormered top of a cape (shared entrance) with a decent size bedroom able to accommodate a full to queen size bed. Something like this is priced at about $950-$1,000.00.Taking it up a step brings us to the ground floor “fully dormered obviously” living room kitchen combination. Separate entrance, some good flow to the apartment, perhaps a closet or two. The bedroom should be of good size, perhaps some yard use as well for around the $1,100.00/$1,150.00 mark.(Depending on closets and size of bedroom & overall living room kitchen combination size).

Now lets step it up even a bit more shall we? The infamous “true one bedroom apartment” A three room apartment!-Great size living room, separate eat in kitchen, excellent bedroom space that can possibly accommodate a king size bed, closets the whole sha bang!!!-This Apartment can come in at $1,200.00-$1,300.00.Every once in a while I may come across a duplex with a very cool custom layout and very modern appeal and feel to it. As long as it’s spacious owners can command a slight premium for it!-So where does this bring us? It brings us to the high end of the one bedroom market! Let me paint a picture for you. Let’s say you have a waterfront three room true one bedroom apartment. Amenities include wood floors, Granit, washer and dryer, skylights; separate entrance (maybe even the potential for dock space) with Cable and Internet included then and only then could expect to spend around $1,400.00/$1,500.00

Brandon Cusma is a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of New York. Currently his License is held with Realty Advisors 1168 Wantagh Ave. Wantagh NY 11793

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