Run Your Credit *Know Your Score!

Ok so you are just starting your quest for an apartment or you have been looking for some time now!Perhaps you have been thinking about purchasing a home in a year or so after you rent? You may have heard through the grapevine that having a Credit Report on hand is a good idea.Well,you heard right!

To find out Credit Score click on links that say Credit Report or the link below!

Credit Report in conjunction with Pets (believe it or not) are probably the two main issues when renting in today’s rental market! I have been a successful licensed New York State Real Estate Sales Agent and Rental Specialist for over 15 years and if you have been looking for an apartment in this market then I am sure you have heard my name. Over the coarse of my career I have literally taken thousands of prospective tenants to view rental properties .I consider myself very in tune with what is important to a tenant and what is needed when looking for an apartment or full house rental. (Before, during and after the rental process).When dealing with a Real Estate agent or without an agent obviously it’s important to find a quality place you are happy with, but its also important to be prepared!Having a current Credit Report  is a major part of the equation. Some other essentials you should have on hand are.

1-A Current Credit Report

2-A copy last years W2 forms

3-A letter of Employment from your current employer.

4-Recent (As in the week prior) Pay stubs.

5-A check book & or CASH ready to “Make a move and leave a deposit” has taken the opportunity to create a one stop shop for the renter not only providing services such as the ability to attain a Credit Report  but also information about “Your Rental Market” in an effort to assist you on your new journey to find a place to call home!

To find out Credit Score click on links that say Credit Report or the link below!

Free Credit Score!

Brandon Cusma is a licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in the State of New York. Currently his License is held with REALTY CONNECT USA- 175 Crossways Park West Woodbury NY  11797 with offices located in BELLMORE,LEVITTOWN,MASSAPEQUA,ROSLYN,QUEENS CEDERHURST AND MERRICK!