I spoke to a Realtor and we had a tentative appointment .When I asked for the address for the Rental Apartment or Full House Rental he/she wouldn’t give it to me until an hour or so before the appointment…Why?

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A-Ok the reason for this one dates back as far as you can go and as a matter of fact there are a few reasons and it’s one of the very first things you learn as an agent as I did 15 years ago. Here we go….1-Unfortunately in this world there is never a shortage of dishonest people. There are situations where people(prospective tenants) can obtain an address and seek out the owner or the apartment manager in efforts to go around a Real Estate agent-If in fact the owner has a listing that is known as an “Open Listing”-(Where the owner reserves the right to rent the property his or herself, This type of listing is the furthest thing from an “Exclusive Right to Rent” in which case the listing agent is due a commission even if the owners mother ends up renting the apartment-Kidding-Actually I’m not)These cases do happen!-People do try and “go around the agent”-It’s hard to do because if a complete stranger randomly inquires about the rental by say knocking on the door. The owner usually ends up asking “well how did you hear about this apartment”?-It doesn’t take long to get to the truth and at that point the owner knows he’s dealing with a schnook the game is over and the jig is up. Not to mention there are so many ways to connect the dots these days due to caller Ideal addresses, phone records ect. 2-Respecting the privacy of the Owner/Landlord (Or current tenant) is a major priority! In most cases the owner doesn’t want the world to know that he or she has a potentially vacant property. There are literally¬†hundreds of calls from the Internet and ad campaigns for any given apartment rental. The last thing the owner or present tenant wants is Jeffrey Domer creeping around the property -Ya know what I mean!!!-And last but not least!-An agent reserving the address till shortly before the appointment really dramatically cuts down the odds of the Agent dreaded “No show”-If it’s Monday and you are meeting an Me on Thursday at 12:00pm later In the week ¬†protocol would be to touch base with me by Thursday by say 10:30am ish- Weather it be a phone call, email,-In a meeting?-Great send a text, step out for a minute send a smoke signal anything!!-Just confirm shortly before and then meet at the Apartment Rental location!-And that’s why we don’t “normally”-give out the address. Wow you weren’t expecting all that were you?¬†(Please bare in mind its not uncommon to discuss the location of the apartment rental or full house rental in relation to a well known land mark in the general proximity as to give the prospective tenant an idea of the location)

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